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The Recrudescence of Frag the Worm   
08:58am 12/07/2004
mood: quixotic
As I ensconce myself in my established place of occupation, I contemplated the notion of re-establishing my former livejournal.

One might ask,"To what purpose?"

To this I retort, "Te futueo et caballum tuum; I'm lackadaisical."

One may translate that from Latin to English, if one wishes to do so.

This is my first update in 38 weeks. W00t.

So leave a comment, bitches.

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04:46pm 17/10/2003
mood: chipper
everyone please log in and read my last entry! it'll make things less confusing once u realize i havent updated here in weeks. lol

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said longest survey ever...   
04:14pm 15/10/2003
mood: blank
Sorry I Forgot the Cut!!!Collapse )

hahahaha bye

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05:28pm 14/10/2003
mood: crazy
pet monkey

You pet Harpy-Monkey happily.
>The Harpy-Monkey chitters at you, screwing up their face.
eat monkey
You do not have monkey.

starsonvelvet: we're bouncy bouncy founcy trouncy, fun fun fun fun fun! but the wonderful thing about tiggers is.....I'M THE ONLY ONE! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm the only one!
starsonvelvet: oooooh i once knew a boy and his name was jack. he liked to sing and scratch his back! he loved to laugh and bounce and dance! he liked to kill little ants!

Auto response from wastebasket03: playing a game

starsonvelvet: jack was a pirate, a mean ol' pirate
starsonvelvet: who had a lot of problems
wastebasket03: thats enough from you! i'm trying to do something else! stop talking or ill block you until i'm done
starsonvelvet: and if u asked him whats his name..... HED SAY IM JACK JACK THE DANCING MAN!
wastebasket03 signed off at 5:19:59 PM.

HAHAHAHA it was a jolly good time!

jack was crazy as they come,
he drank a lot and loved his rum!
little did he know it was the death of he!
he got drunk and crashed at sea!
he collided with a british ship,
he died alongside his best friend PIP!!!!
he was buried without honor or glory,
and so ends JACK'S GREAT STORY!!!!
and if you asked him what's his NAAAAAMMMEEE.....????
of course he's dead so he couldnt answer,
but you know hed be singing in his grave,

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its gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day   
04:16pm 14/10/2003
mood: curious
today was relatively normal. felt like the eye of the hurricane....all eerily calm. i went to school. i said i was gonna go yell at the counselors, but last night, since i had a throbbing headache and couldnt sleep, i thought about what i would say. then i thought about the dumb stares they would give me. they're just doing what they're taught, and they dont understand. they're just parrots repeating what the people at columbia university say. i pity them. their whole education that they're paying so much money for is really a load of crap they think they understand. they feel a little smarter because now they evaluated someone. they dont care if they did it correctly, because their professors will be happy with any results and they'll get an A. what a success. ruin my life, get an A. what a world...

on moving in the future. i found a house on my walk home from SMS. it's pat's house. none of u know pat, but its his house. and its nice and small. he lived there wih his mom and sis i think. its right by the main entrance to SMS so its really close. i'd still go to the same school, and id still live near elise and caitlyn, same as always. its just a question of how much it would cost to live there...

i missed math today. a welcome relief, but also yet another possible way to fail. i had lessons. bryant wasnt feeling good and i told him to just not play, but he didnt want to just sit there. poor kid, his whole face was red and he had a major headache. and the nurse couldnt give him tylenol. i have a lot to say about school nurses too...but ill leave that for a later date lol they're good for a band aide, but not much else. *sigh*

i still have a headache from last night. its that crushing one. i remember talking about these types of headaches with mike. the ones that feel like your head is being crushed, the ones that dont go away for a really long time. smelly headache go away!

i got my braces fixed and re-wired and such today. joy curry drove me to the dentist because she saw me walking home from SMS and volunteered to also take me to the dentist. lucky thing too, because i had no idea where it was. i knew it was up town, just i didnt know where...i got light blue and silver ruber bands. and the lady accidentally broke a brace, and the dentist dude said to just leave it off until the next visit. so i was confused, and my brces have a gap which looks strange!

no more take one rehearsals. this makes me sad. i love take one. im going to do stage crew for Joseph. that should be fun. and its way less rehearsals, i think i only go for about 6. and i paint scenery and i get to see my friends in the theater. someone should join stage crew with me. like caitlyn or elise or leah. or anyone. because everyone at take one is really nice and u guys should all know them too. woohoo i have to get sn's

does anyone know how to enlarge a pic from the computer to be a poster sized thingy? i'm making a really cool poster for someone. i finished the graphics, but i ant to make it bigger. not HUGE. not actual poster size. just larger...like....hmm....yea. well if u know how to enlarge it and make it all nice like, please tell me!! thankie! im actually gonna go try a way i think might work once i get a printer and some photo paper.

goodbye all!

edit: i have found a decent way of enlarging the pic, but if anyone has a better way than chopping it in half and making 2 banners and then gluing them together, it would be much appreciated lol bye

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10:51pm 12/10/2003
mood: okay
mad cool surveyCollapse )

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opening night   
11:56am 11/10/2003
mood: calm
opening night went pretty good. looked to me like we had a full house, but i culd only see the first few rows then the lights blocked everything out. we had a few glitches, but everyone seemed to just go with them and improvise. food glorius food got messed up, it was almost a complete ruin, but the kids who knew the words sang really loud and got it back together. kids really annoy me currently. or at least the little ones at take one. THEY DONT SHUT UP! i yelled at them about 20 times backstage. they were talking all through nancy's big song, as long as he needs me. it was so rotten of them. and i bunched them in a big group and i said, "this is nancy's big song, she can hear you and you are RUINING IT FOR HER! you 4 better shut up NOW or i will go out to dennis and get you kicked out of the show. and dont you think he wouldnt do it in a heartbeat." and they all looked at me like i was crazy, shut up for about 5 seconds, then made noise just to spite me. little kids are SO stupid and rotten. nancy (theresa) was pissed off. they talked through both of her "as long as he needs me" solos. GAH stupid brats. but other than backstage kids talking like crazy and sitting there 5 scenes before they went on, it went well. jenn and i were cracking up over her playboy mug in oom-pah-pah. its got a playboy bunny on it and no one knows where it came from. backstage i asked the assistant director what she thought of the mug and then the kid who plays dodger is like, "oh its her MOM'S!" and shes like, "yea? well i got it from YOUR MOM! ooooh!" lol it was really funny. uhm...well yea everything went well! bill sikes scared the crap out of me though. i decided to look him in the eyes while he was singing/yelling at me in "my name" and he breathed really hard onto my face lol luckily he didnt have bad breath and he didnt spit. but my bangs got all messed up lol elise and kevin said i looked more upset about bill dying than nancy lol and i was! firstly i just watched the guy get shot, that has to be kind of scary and also john rocks my socks! its just that simple.

well it was a good night last night. i have to go to the show again for the matinee...oh wow i dont have to go until 2! why did i think it was one? dammit i got my hair all done early for nothing. pah. oh and ysturday i was peaking through the tape on the backstage door and looking at the audience and i saw that elise and kevin had flowers so i danced around upstairs saying "i got flowers! woohoo!" you guys rock my socks up the wazoo! lol wazoo, what a fun word!

well, matinee is at 3, night show at 8. tickets still available for all shows sadly...not selling well. someone said that one time they had to perform for only one person...that to me is incredibly sad. i would tell that person to go to another show time lol so you guys should all come. its a good show dudes! and if u dont wanna come tell someone else about it. yepperonis


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05:36pm 10/10/2003
mood: excited
tonight is opening night. im a little nervous, but also freezing my butt off.

yeppers. not much to say.

niko got 2nd chair and leah was angered lol i got first chair *bounces* chris gallo was angered like leah. i overheard chris and bryant talking about me yesturday. chris was saying he would be getting first chair and bryants like, "dude no you wont! laurens way better than you!" and i laughed to myself and pretended to be preoccupied with my oboes octave key. i like overhearing nice things. lol

i have to go...i hope kevin bought tickets for elise and him for tonight. because i tried calling him and he had run away...so yea.

i have crazy train stuck in my head. along with "i come from a land down under!"

well im off to sing and dance and have lots of fun with "my family" lol

bye bye

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05:32pm 09/10/2003
mood: drunk

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got milk?   
05:26pm 08/10/2003
mood: jubilant
I got my hair cut short! heehee or at least shorter than i usually get it cut. i took about...5 inches off. so...look behind the cut for a fashion show. lol i look all creepy. my smile is always unnatural for pictures....but this was the best so ha. its just one pic of my looking creepy with my new hair! *dances*

Fashion Show HereCollapse )

whatnot is the lord of all words. yea.

nothing incredible happened today. i got nominated for scmea. so did bryant and chris. lol bryant was like, WHAT THE HELL?! and it was really funny. i didnt think i would be nominated...yay!

pumpkins. i like fall. today was perfect. i liked today. i got a D on my math test and the girl in front of me talked to me in math. we had a laugh over everyones bad grades in the class. nearly everyone has a C- or lower, lol! so i dont feel bad about being bad in math.

i followed "big pink" today....kinda lol. mr shelley students and fans know what i mean. "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." some kid was being an asshole to a girl who didnt seem to deserve it. he went up to her seat while she was doin homework, before the bus moved, and started banging the seat and making rude noises. so i asked him if this made him feel intelligent, and he...said sumtin but i didnt hear, so i just decided to tell him to fuck off. and he walked away and didnt bother me or her. i was happy. becaue he annoyed me with all that racket. lol crazy houligan

some cool words:
jiminy cricket
anything ending in "hoo" except boohoo lol

that is my current list of cool words. ill go now! bye!

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05:30pm 07/10/2003
mood: bored and hungry
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02:54pm 07/10/2003
mood: drained
nothing much to update about today, but thats ok.
I have to finish that damn caveman book. and color it and put it together. argh. i hate that project. if I cant get it done tonight, I'll just ask for an extension of time. i have a good reason.
i have 4 hours of rehearsal tonight.
i'll be there from 7-11 PM. I'm bringing food and a pillow so i can eat and sleep between scenes lol
im exhausted from the canoe trip. i got sun burned. elise and i were in a canoe with mr gessler, which was cool because he pointed out all different plants we needed to take samples of and he did a lot of the rowing and he knew where we were lol
one group flipped their canoe twice! so we rescued them. the poor kids were freezing. one guy got a ride with some other canoe which i thought was mean. he didnt even help to flip the canoe right side up, he just stood on the dock waiting for someone to come for him and expected everyone else to clean up his mess and get his stuff. but the trip was fun! i like canoing.
uhm im going to post the show date info again because the last entry i did that in was friends only. so i'll post everything tomorrow probably.
peace everyone!

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a day like any other   
08:14pm 06/10/2003
mood: cynical
today i truely did not do anything worthwhile. i ws so bored all day. my mom was out shopping for food and such a lot so i was home alone a lot. i made pizza for myself and watched lord of the rings two towers. it was saddening but i cant wait for the last one to come out. I'm going to be really sad when the trilogy ends in the theaters....i dont like things ending.

after doing that i ate a lot of junk food to pass the time. its terrible. when im bored enough and theres no one home and no one calls me and im all alone in the world, i watch tv and eat. im going to gain about 20 lbs from this weekend alone. thats one thing i hate about long weekends: more time to eat crap that will make me so incredibly fat and disgusting and no guy will ever want to date me. (not that they wanna date me now)

I dont like any guys. I thought I liked a guy but I didnt. Therefore, I'm slowly decreasing the chance of me ever having a boyfriend before the age of...hmm lets see...18. because when i am 18 i will be out of high school to meet a new selection of dudes in college. but whats to say theyll be any different from high school guys around here? besides, by then i WILL be fat and disgustng and i will then increase the amount of years until i get a bf. how sad.

speaking of college my dad informed me that NYU is the top university for journalism....and its in the city. nice nice city. but it costs 40,000 dollars a year for me to go there. i only have enough money for 2 years there from my dog bite crap. besides its really hard to get into it and hard to maintain grades and id most likely end up a failure drifting aimlessly about from college to college, looking for a new major so i will not live in extreme poverty from unemployment. yep, 8 years from now ill be the crazy lady on he streets of new york, begging for pennys or a dime if you're feeling good today. the drink of choise will be red bull because my mom always said not to drink it. she also said to keep my grades up. ill live my life on red bull praying for the day it gives me wings, but getting only a temporary sugar high.

im in my "failure" mood again. can u tell? its the state i get into where i am completely totally sure i will be an absolute failure in life and everything can only go downhill from here. BUT i take it all in good humor when im like this so it isnt too bad. i have a laugh, i feel depressed and i move on.

trying to move on now. tomorrow will be lots of fun! im still figuring out what to wear, but thats ok. my hands are freezing. its supposed to be warmer tomorrow, 65 degrees! its a heatwave! i dont know...i wated to say something. its i my head but i dont know what it is! i hate when i do this. dammit! ill just go.

my bird is dying slowly. my poor little beaky. he'll probably be gone within the week. death sucks. all deaths little or big. stupid humans are destroying life though. even the innocent die now. nothings natural anymore. everything changes so much. why?

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11:32am 06/10/2003
mood: bouncy
I LOST A TOOTH LAST NIGHT! The amn thing was killing me yesturday so I finally wigglededed it out!

I want food!

I hate homework!

Canoe trip tomorrow!

Pocohantos and Cocomo shall rule the waters! Lol!

I'll go practice th oboe now *gasp* PRACTICE?!?!?!?

yea. bye

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09:30pm 05/10/2003
mood: okay
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elise smells soooooo bad........................................we're listening to the spanish radio station!!!!!!!!!......................................bye bye dudes

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04:17pm 05/10/2003
mood: enraged

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last night. i dont feel like writing what everyone else wrote. ill write short stuff.

before the plays- i walked around taking down quotes from stage crew and interviewing the director, scott who was awesome even though his uncle called during the interview lol! uhm i let mike in and he went outside and talked to leah...i reserved a bunch of seats. but some people came and took them. i saw a take one person whose name i dont know, an adult person and they stared at me so i waved lol then caitlyn elise and steph came and i introduced elise and caitlyn to anthony and elise nearly knocked him over when she ran to give him a hug lol! cassie and kaie ame and katie looked at anthony funny cause she probably thought that he wasnt just a friend or sumtin so i said, hes from my theater group! you dont have to look at him funny! then some people came and took 2 of the seats i reserved. so caitlyn elise and i sat together and mike and cassie and steph and them sat elsewhere. oh and we wandered backstage and wished kevin and kim good luck!

1st play- Livin- was very good, really funny. I liked it. i iterviewed members of the cast and the director, and all of them were really nice and eager to interview. i got good quotes and wasnt even nervous about asking them things. the one playing the little girl was really happy to be interviewed and she was bouncing all over the place. shes really cool. after livin was over, i ran backstage and got a cast photo. i came in as the secon play started

2nd play- the wedding disastor or sumtin like that- the winning play. i didnt think it was as funny as the others really...drew was great. right its drew? when he screamed and threw the book, i was laughing for a really long time. it was hilarious. but as i said to kevins parents, there were gaps betwen the humor. it took too long to get to another joke. but it was pretty good nonetheless.

intermission- i talked to anthony about the plays and got a hug lol and then i talked with many different people, lost them for a second. took pics. talkd to various people in the halls. poked walter...then cassie stole mikeshat and passed it to elise and caitlyn and then to me and kevin constantino said, throw it here! so i did, because kevin has never really been rotten to me before, so i knew i could get the hat back...kind of, lol. mike and him had a face off. mike was twitching from lack of hat. and kevin just glared at him. cassie elise steph cat caitlyn and i were cracking up and i was hoping they wouldnt get into a big fight because that wouldnt be good lol so mike, call it my revenge for u calling me a bitch. because now u realize i can do much worse when given the chance. well, after laughing for about 5 minutes down the hallway and talking about ow that had made our day, i went to kevin and asked for the hat. he gave it to me without a problem and i threw it at mike. i didnt know if he would give me the hat back lol, but he was nice and he did. *sigh* that was good. mike has to learn to b less touchy abou his hat. and also mike, i wasnt the one who originally took it either. it was passed to me! heehee

3rd play- drive in- still laughing about the "hat incident" kim was really good in drive in. it must be hard to sit there in darkness while other people have dialogue! lol! i would start laughing! but kim was really good. i thought the play was more serious than humorous most of the time. the center couple was really funny. i thought it was good!

last play- babels in arms- kevin did really really good in this play!!! he kept laughing and he had to cover it up. it was funny to watch. i got lots of pics of him in his lovely moomoo. im callin him moomoo boy now lol it was a really funny play. and that guy with the high voice and the dress was hilarious!!! behold the sacred potato! kevin why didnt u say that line? lol u just laughed through it! i liked the handshake thing! i wanna learn that cause it was so cool. then when kevin and the dude were dancing i couldnt get a decnt pic, but it was funny to watch. i thought that their play or livin should have won...they were both really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uhm the wedding one won and it was smelly. they sang happy birthday. and the take one people were cheering for jackie really loudly lol it was funny. they also cheered for john riss. riss rocks!! and kevin is SEXAY lol

well now i have to go! elise and i are gonna eat food. and watch a movie

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a dream worth remembering   
05:31pm 04/10/2003
mood: nostalgic
met people at friendly's.
ate a LOT of food. feel sick.
went to movies with people.
saw school of rock.
it was good, but not incredible.
aimee brownie and i got a good laugh. ned is like mr field!!!
we reminisced about mr fields hair and his band.
those kids played the instruments. theyre incredible.
aimee liked the girl on bass, but i thought the drummer guy was cute lol
SO WHAT IF HE WAS 10?!?! he didnt look 10 dammit!
lol im not a child molester.
well...i danced away and my mom took me home.
i came online and had a letter rom clay in my inbox!
yay! but my computer crashed right as i opened it.
i got mad and punched the computer until it decided to work again
i had the strangest dream last night. what a nightmare.
ill write it all down at the end of this entry.
clays email was sad. life really sucks sometimes.
and clay doesnt deserve it.
no one really deserves it.
gah stupidity.
ill write my dream now.

My Dream...Collapse )

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10:07pm 03/10/2003
mood: exhausted
dunno if I did this one yet lol

Falling Asleep Yet?Collapse )

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he will rue the day somebody named him oliver   
10:51pm 02/10/2003
mood: happy
tonight at rehearsal it was our director's birthday so we started off by singing happy birthday while anthony walked around like a drunk. hes so funnay. we also eventually were given ice crem cake and wonder of wonders, fresh krispy creme donuts. why did not somebody force these heavenly little donuts on me sooner? they are SO good. when i was in the kitchen a guy named john, same age as i am, randomly gave me a hug. hes only recently been acknowledging my existance, lol! so i was like, hmm! then i watched the other john, who plays dodger, trying to flip a hat in the air and catch it on hi head. he can catch it when he doesnt flip it. its cool. it was a costume rehearsal so there were loads of renaissancey people roaming about because the style in the tim of oliver was corsets and skirts for the girls and vests and poofy shirts for guys. suits too. i still think fagin is dressed like a pimp. and john riss has to wear a long coat with coattails and its funny.

i would write lots and lots more "interesting" stuff, but im off to think and then go to sleep. oh and take a shower.

bye bye everyone, have a nice night/day!

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06:28pm 02/10/2003
mood: geeky
today was ok.
maybe tomorrow i will make a real conversation with alex.
nobody wants to talk to m online. im all alone.
i'll be leaving for take one theater in about 10 minutes.
costume rehearsal today. and pictures for the cast board
fun fun fun
i am freezing, doesnt anybody in this house enjoy heat?
i think i like someone.
and i liked them once a long time ago.
but im not sure. its a real mystery.
tournament of plays saturday night.
i cant wait!
i must go get ready for theater.
feel better elise, the next unit will be easy. you love astronomy
i think. lol hopefully u do.
my hands are freezing off.
i must go now.
bye bye world.

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